A memorial to Emma Lindley

From Andrew Burke, Desserts and confession

I lived with Emma for a year while I did my PGCE at Bolton. I will never forget Emma’s big, smiley face as she opened the door and welcomed me inside; I phoned up a few minutes after leaving and said yes I would like to be your tenant. Emma and I would have some pretty deep conversations which were usually broken off by the sound of her phone; I guess I can’t have been that interesting. I loved her frankness, I obviously won’t go into too much detail but it was so refreshing and she’d have me in stitches telling me about her exploits. Emma made the best desserts ever and I can still taste them.

A bit too late but I feel I have to confess it was me after all who twisted the bar
on your spare bike. Sorry Emma. You are missed in this crazy world.

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