A memorial to Emma Lindley

From Julie Harrison, Simply my best friend

Emma was and will always be, simply my best friend. She always was. We understood each other, ‘got’ each other and never had to explain anything. The connection and comfort we had seemed to come from that simple ease of being mutually understood.

We saw each other through everything, sometimes face to face sometimes from a distance of miles but always with care and love.

I loved her passion for everything in happy times and not so happy too.Loved her intensity and bubbling enthusiasm. My sons loved her too and waited expectantly for ‘Emma to come and play’ and even as teenagers now, it was a gleeful occasion surrounded by copious amounts of tea, cake, joviality and music.

What I also valued was her ability to keep me on the straight and narrow-kindly criticising my tendency to ‘approach life like a heart surgeon’ as she so accurately put it; making me laugh at myself.

I admired her intelligence and work immensely and despite me not being academic particularly, she used to send me chapters of her work to read and pronounce my opinion on. She wanted ‘the laypersons’ view and we used to ruminate on it at length in every day terms, not the academic ones she was so proficient with. I enjoyed it and I always quietly amazed by her abilities. She was brilliant.

Simply, my best friend. I loved her. My boys loved her and I’ll carry her with me. Always.

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