A memorial to Emma Lindley

From Caiti Berry, A beam of sunshine in my life

Emma, well the be all and end all of it is that Emma helped me to be me. She gave me so much love and time, she looked after me so well when I had darkness in my life, she gave me confidence and a sense of self, seemingly without any effort at all. She was so accepting, so loving, and so very kind. I will, and indeed do miss her with every part of me, and it will be that way for the rest of my days.

This photo was taken by Joe, when we, along with College did a spell of traffic counting, aka enumerating, a job ems seemed to magic up out of nowhere and at just the right time. I knew I liked her a lot, but during this time I began to fall in love with her. Drinking gin together and smiling at life is how I will always remember Emma, simply a beam of sunshine in my life, that’s it.



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