A memorial to Emma Lindley

From Elaine & Tim Appleby, Emma’s Sofa

When we think of Emma, vivid images flash into the mind of a teenager busy with all sorts of impressive projects and an adult full of life, energy, wicked humour, ideas and courage.

Her kindness and generosity spring to mind: ‘Emma’s sofa’ sits in our daughter’s home in Walthamstow. A lovely sofa, generously offered in response to Libby’s Facebook post asking for an unwanted sofa. Typically, Emma refused to take any payment for it.

One of the joys of being friends with the children of friends is how their grown up interests and careers collide sometimes with our own. Emma, Tim and I were Twitter friends retweeting each other’s Twitter contributions, spreading the word about each other’s blogs. And what fantastic blogs Emma wrote.

Emma’s writing remains on the page and in cyberspace. Emma’s desire to make a difference in the world goes on through her research proposals that have won funding. Emma herself remains through the love we feel for her and the treasured memories of her contribution to our life story.

Emma Lindley – a blessing to the world and the most grievous of losses.

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