A memorial to Emma Lindley

From Dave Bennett, Intellectual…

I first met Emma, age 13, when I moved to Oakbank school. I was the new kid and started later than everyone else. I was in Emma’s class, and she sat with Alison Yoxall at the desk behind me. I immediately liked Emma, and she helped me find my feet in a new school. Emma introduced me to other things as well, such as dramatics, the Sirius society and I got to know her quite well. She had boundless confidence and enthusiasm, delivered from behind some of the deepest, brightest eyes. I am proud to say I took inspiration from her. Together we took part in plays, school trips, debates and activities. We represented our school together on one of those university challenge events (the name evades me, as does the outcome).

If I had been in any class but Emma’s, i’d have been the brightest kid in class, and unlike myself she never took her intelligence for granted (I was always “could do better”)! She gave her all in everything she did and is one of possibly 4 or 5 people I have ever met whom I consider to be truly gifted intellectually. For this, I respected Emma greatly.

As I left for University I lost touch with Emma, and it was only through coincidence of working with Joe that we became reacquainted when she lived in Ingrow. Since then we kept in touch and I always thought she would be with us forever.

Emma was my friend and the world is poorer for her passing.

So, what do you think ?