A memorial to Emma Lindley

From Jacob Doran, To Emma

Jacob and Emma

To Emma,

You texted me saying I was excellent. I liked your eyes and how you absently drummed on the table as I can came back from the bathroom.

We went skating. I kept to your slow pace. You granted me permission to speed away. I looked behind and you smiled.

In the pub you listened without limitation. We shared so much and the next day you complained of dried contact lenses.

For a while we spent most evenings together. You had to be up early so I made the bed and put your pyjamas under the pillow. Later you couldn’t find them and you talked of first world problems.

I became terrified because you understood me so clearly. You comforted me with poems yet there were parts of you I could never fathom and when your moods shifted I couldn’t assist.

We drifted apart in the New Year because I thought I could never give you what you needed. For Christmas you had bought me a slotted spoon but your best gift was inspiration.

I hope you’ve found peace yet I grieve for everybody’s loss. All I can do is remember and keep being inspired. Because within you were some of the greater things that make us human.

So, what do you think ?