A memorial to Emma Lindley

From Colette Bernasconi, Charisma and Articulacy

I first met Emma Lindley in a journalistic context and thought of almost nothing but her for days after that. Her charisma and articulacy were so potent, and listening to her was electrifying. Becoming friends with her years later through Joe, she made me feel like that again and again. Time flew with her, we laughed hard, she challenged me and excited me and a couple times she frightened me a little. And now I belong to an enormous group of people who will never forget her. Joe’s made this website for us, and even if you only met her once or only read her, you may still feel pushed to contribute to it, and you should then, because that was her affect. The world is slightly worse than it was. Let’s remember here what we had, before.

So, what do you think ?