A memorial to Emma Lindley

From Tina Helfrich, Always smiling at the Quaker Youth Theatre

I only knew Emma for a short time when she was a member of the Quaker Youth Theatre. She was a joy to have on the projects – enthusiastic, friendly and always smiling. I hope our world goes somewhere after our earthly life because I would like to meet her again. Peace to you Emma and I am holding your family and friends in the light as they adjust to life without you.

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  1. Mark Russ

    I worked with Emma on the first performance of ‘George and the Chocolate Factory’ in the summer of 2006. We ‘clicked’ and the conversation flowed! It was during one of these enthusiastic dinner table discussions with Emma that the seeds for ‘The Nayler Passion’ were planted, which is only just coming to fruition. I echo Tina’s words – Emma was a warm, honest and passionate person of depth. I would also like to meet her again, God willing. How terribly, terribly sad her death is.


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