A memorial to Emma Lindley

From Jessie James, Breakfast with Emma

Although the Lindleys have been family friends for many years, I never saw much of Emma until she lived with my Mum in Leeds during 2011.

As I was based in Bristol, I only came home for the odd weekend or when I was on a placement. We would spend evenings together, the three of us, sharing food, wine and stories. Emma was a wonderful person to have around as she was funny and intelligent with an incredible capacity to make me feel at ease.

One of the most definitive memories I have during her stay was at breakfast time. At that tender time of day personal space can be at its most valuable. Sharing a kitchen with someone can become quite an anti-social experience when often, all you want is to be left alone with your thoughts; but breakfast with Emma was different. I found myself wanting to talk to her; what was that exciting thing she was concocting while I was pouring out an uninspiring bowl of bland old bran flakes?!

Emma happily explained that it was a mixture of oatmeal and quark (something I had never even heard of) which she was making into a pancake and accompanying with some
delicious looking blueberries and strawberries. She told me all about the health benefits and let me have a taste. It was great! I was impressed at how well thought out and effortless the whole thing looked and I felt privileged that we had shared the most private and personal meal of the day.

Hearing and reading other peoples’ stories and experiences with Emma has conjured up a wonderful picture of her vivacious creativity and multi-faceted personality. She breathed life into life by making even the most simple and mundane tasks into special and unique experiences. I will cherish all the memories she has given me but I will particularly remember her in my thoughts at breakfast time.

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