A memorial to Emma Lindley

From Joy Jones, An unusual cyclist dressed for the theatre

Like my husband Patrick I was very shaken to hear of Emma’s death some time
after it had happened. Jeremy’s wonderful eulogy and the powerful memories and
thoughts of so many of her friends on this site are such a tribute to her intensely
lived life. The last time we saw Emma was at the theatre just before she moved to
London to take up her RSA job – she was so excited about it! On our way to the Lowry
we’d noticed an unusual cyclist dressed for the theatre negotiating with poise and
skill the complex roundabouts in Salford, and then we found ourself sitting next to
her – it was of course Emma. Together we experienced The Life and Death of Marina
Abramovitc, Emma adding hugely to our enjoyment of the evening with her delight in
the show, her insights, and her pertinent ability to look forwards and backwards at
the same time. Since then her blogs have touched us from afar, as they have so many.
We knew Emma in quieter times too, and during one bout of her illness, and will
never forget the intense way she experienced all that life threw at her and was able
to use it to enrich the lives of others.

So, what do you think ?