A memorial to Emma Lindley

From Hattie, “Come to me for fixing”

Originally sent through to me in November 2013, somehow avoided being dealt with until now. Thank you Hattie.

Our friendship wasn’t always easy. There were times of great closeness and understanding, spontaneity and fun but times when we dissected things a bit too much. Emma was also someone who I relied on, a lot, too much perhaps. She helped me come to terms with the breakdown of my relationship and death of my former boyfriend, Lee.  During this time she was my rock and kept me going. She picked me up and gave me a lot of strength. I would have liked things to have worked out differently so I could have continued to try and do this for her.

Her friendship is typified by the google chat below:

Emma: where are you lovely?

Me: at home still in my pj’s

Emma: aw dear oh dear i wish i was!

Me: in vat of self pity

Emma: gah tough old life innit chicken? quick – get dressed, and come to me for fixing I have food cooking and a bottle of wine

Me: will cycle over in a bit, need to get a shower, thanks sweet

As well as being very supportive, Emma was vivacious and exciting. She pushed me academically and emotionally and taught me a lot about the world and how things work.  She was brilliantly intelligent – time and time again I read her thesis and hoped I could produce something of a similar standard.

I am grateful for the many things Emma gave to me, particularly for introducing me to Joe and the Keighley-now-Manchester gang. I have no doubt that her memory and the gifts she gave us will continue to live on in every one of us. As a small token I will endeavour to keep talking about her research as I did yesterday to some students I was teaching, and recount stories of Emma with dear friends.

The photo is unrelated.. but, I think it’s a nice one.

Emma and Hattie

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